Merchandising Department: A highly skilled Merchandisers who are one of the best in garments trade. In terms of product development as per buyer's requirement, Very few dare to challenge them in there arena. Some investors who were encouraged to set their factories only with the help of them skills, by the grace of almighty those factories are now well established.

Production Department: Young blood with creative and problem solving ability, energetic, self-motivated and dynamic, become sharp in merchandising and product development by working with top class branches like Puma, Reebok etc. in case of premium knitwear they are the best helping hand of Design World Int'l.

Quality Control Department: Besides these key persons of this organization a quality control and assurance team of ten members working with us. To ensure day-to- day follow up to be sharp in shipment schedule. Executive team of three members also working with us as helping and supporting.

Commercial Department: Experienced and highly skilled in commercial documentation, government rules and regulation, customs and export / import, specialized in opening L/C and related activities. Already drawn attention of all in administration and finance in apparel section.

Undergarment department: This department is totally individual department to give a service in favor of buyer's requirement. The key person of this department has wide experience with Sara Lee, Kappa, H&M etc. They are quite experienced about the safety regulation, fabric quality and packing for under garment product.


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